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Pure Resource Shampoo

SCALP | 250 ml

  • Hair protection

  • Nutrition

A new level of cleansing


  • All hair types
  • Greasy hair


  • Purifies
  • Removes hairstyling
  • Nourishes


  • With the ability to deliver a hydro-lipidic film, this multi-tasking shampoo leaves the scalp feeling clean, nourished and protected.


Lifts residue and product build-up and rinses away hard-water residues.

Vitamin E

This anti-oxidant prevents itchiness, leaving the scalp refreshed day after day.

Purify oily or dirty hair and scalp with the L'Oréal Professionnel Pure Resource Shampoo. The purifying aqua crystal formulation incorporates Citramine and Vitamin E to lift product build-up and rinse away hard-water residues.


This multi-tasking shampoo leaves the scalp feeling clean, the hair feeling nourished and protected. Use as your daily shampoo or occasionally for a deeper cleanse as needed.


At L’Oréal Professionnel, we are striving towards an ever more responsible and sustainable business model, transforming our activities to respect the planet’s limits. 100% recycled plastics are now prioritised in the manufacturing of our Serie Expert bottles, reducing the use of virgin plastics.


The Serie Expert collection is produced in a facility that has been carbon-neutral since 2015, and has implemented a water recycling loop that has reduced water usage by 47% since 2005.

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Pure Resource Shampoo

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