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Sensi Balance Shampoo

SCALP | 29 ml

  • Hair protection

Gentle & clean sensitized scalp


  • Sensitised scalp
  • Sensitive hair


  • De-sensitises
  • Strengthens


A refreshing mix of haircaring ingredients to enable a de-sensitised scalp.


A combination of sorbitol derivative infusing your scalp and hair with important hydration and moisture.

Vitamin PP

Performes a great balancing act, while being moisturizing to soothe the scalp and refresh hair in one step

The L'Oréal Professionnel Sensi Balance Shampoo is a professional soothing dermo-protector shampoo for a sensitised scalp. Enriched with Sorbitol* and vitamin PP. From the first application** it helps to soothe sensitive scalps. Leaves hair soft and shiny.


At L’Oréal Professionnel, we are striving towards an ever more responsible and sustainable business model, transforming our activities to respect the planet’s limits.


100% recycled plastics are now prioritised in the manufacturing of our Serie Expert bottles, reducing the use of virgin plastics.


The Serie Expert collection is produced in a facility that has been carbon-neutral since 2015, and has implemented a water recycling loop that has reduced water usage by 47% since 2005.


*Sorbitol derivative

**Cosmeto-clinical study on 37 subjects.

Protection Nutrition Scalp Hair Result Image


Sensi Balance Shampoo

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