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Volume Architect Tecni Art Volume

25.50 $ Recommended salon price


Volume Architect

TECNIART | 150 ml

  • Volume

Thickening blow-dry lotion


  • Fine and fragile hair


  • Long-lasting volume
  • Natural-looking movement
  • No visible residue
  • Detangling ease

Thickening blow-dry lotion to add volume to fine hair. Creates volume and natural-looking movement, whilst leaving hair soft to the touch. Hair is protected from the heat protection. No visible residue as the Volume Architect disappears after brushing, allowing styles to be worked and reworked.

Spray onto towel-dried hair 35 cm from the hair. For greater volume, spray directly into the root area.

Volume TecniArt Hair Result Photo

Step-by-step Shape shifter

Drew Schaefering Hairdresser Photo
Drew Schaefering Hairdresser Photo

Drew Schaefering

L’Oréal Professionnel Artist

I love Volume Architect for its playfulness and versatility. The paste can be used on all different lengths of hair, which is contrary to most pastes. It gives energy to short hair when applied all over, or it can lift and tame longer hair with a certain pliability.

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  1. Volume Lift Tecni Art Volume




    Apply product to hands and heat with a blowdryer to loosen viscosity then apply to hair for added pliability.

  2. Volume Architect Tecni Art Volume




    Emulsify Volume Architect in the palm of hands. Use finger tips to retrieve product from palms for more control over amount and placement of product.

  3. Volume Architect Tecni Art Volume




    Rub on scalp area with tips of fingers for increased lift and control through the roots. With a small amount of product on fingertips, detail hairline and tame any flyaway baby hairs to polish the look.

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Volume Architect Tecni Art Volume


Volume Architect

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