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What is an ID Artist?

A professional stylist/colourist committed to career development who is:


• passionate about their career and will remain loyal to their salon of employment for the duration of the program.


• currently is an employee or owner of a L'Oréal Professionel salon on a permanent basis and willing to share new skills, knowledge and experience with their salon team successfully using and selling L'Oréal Professionel styling, colour and care ranges


• willing to exclusively represent L'Oréal Professionel in a professional and ethical way as an experienced hairdresser with a maximum of 5 years full-time hairdressing experience (post completion of apprenticeship)


What will the ID Artist program offer you?


• opportunities to develop yourself in presenting and d) demonstrating to others


• development of your leadership, communication and hairdressing skills


• exposure to the latest trends


• chances to network and collaborate with like-minded artistic people


• technical education to underpin your artistic and salon hairdressing skills


How will the ID Artist Program benefit your salon?

• offers development and inspiration to you and through you, to your team


• opportunity to market and profile you and your salon


• provides the most up to date infor to the team via your involvement in the program


Selection Process

Round 1 — Submission Pack

All entries evaluated and a group of state finalists will be selected by 31st May 2020 to advance to Round 2, which will be a phone interview, before the Foundation 3 live audition.


Round 2 — Phone Interview

All state finalists from Round 1 will be contacted by phone to conduct a brief phone interview before the end of 8th June 2020. Successful phone interviewees will be contacted to advance to Round 3 live audition.


Round 3 — Live Audition

All state finalists who successfully progress through the Round 2 phone interview will be invited to a 1 day live audition in July 2020.

Only successful applicants will be notified. Successful state finalists will be provided with full details of what is required for the live audition process. Audition process commences nationally in June 2020 with successful ID Artist team members being officially announced by the beginning of August 2020.


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