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HAIR GOALS Silver Hair

Silver metallic hair colour is one of the latest trends on Instagram: @alexcampeotto @chrisweberhair @cloud9carmarthen

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GET SMART Prevent Damage

Go Silver without fear of damage with L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond. A three step strengthening system that protects the hair as you colour. Ask for Smartbond at your favourite salon.



A purple hair toner designed to remove brass and neutralise yellow hues from silver, grey or blonde hair. Maintain your silver hair and keep your colour pristine for longer with Silver Shampoo.

Metallic Hair with  Majirel Metals

Silver Metallic Hair

“The recently launched Majirel Metal range from L’Oréal Professionnel has really clever technology which means that the colour is 90% reflect giving a high-shine finish to the hair. I particularly like the gold and champagne tones in the new Majirel Metal range, which have a very chic, sophisticated appeal. I think in 2018 more women will adopt beautiful blonde shades with a more metallic hue.” Jack Howard, Paul Edmonds

  • .11 Silver Star

  • .12 Crystal Ash

  • .21 Pink Ash

  • .22 Hi Lilac

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