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Blonde Trend Face-Off: Gold Blonde Vs Wheat Blonde

As the old saying goes: blondes have more fun. However, this season there's more than one fun way to go blonde! Here we compare two on-trend takes on the colour: gold blonde and wheat blonde.

Gold Blonde

The colour: Gold tones have been a hit in the fashion world and now the shade has transcended into the hair colour realm. The spring-ready hue is darker at the roots with gold highlights blended over a butterscotch tone through the lengths and ends.

The style: This luxe blonde shade adds a richness to medium to longer length hair. In order to show off the colour to full effect the hair should always be styled to perfection – a deep side part with luscious curls is a winner for work and play.

What the editors say: It's modern, it's bright and it's so hot right now. The rich gold accents put an original spin on classic blonde and the shade looks particularly brilliant on warmer skin tones.

Wheat Blonde

The colour: Several blonde tones come colliding together to create this unique shade. In order to achieve a colour reminiscent of acres of wheat fields, touches of gold, tan and beige are added to the mix.

The style: This stunning neutral blonde is bound to have broad appeal. The colour would look completely at home tossed into a ponytail and paired with a casual t-shirt and denim shorts ensemble. Alternatively, it can be dressed up with some gentle waves and a sexy dress.

What the editors say: The magic words to tell your colourist are "subtle baby lights". This hair colouring technique will avoid the dreaded stripy effect and ensure the final outcome is a blonde tone that blends together seamlessly.

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