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Hair Contouring

The Latest Hair Colour Trend


Hair Contouring is the latest hair colour innovation inspired by the artistry of make-up contouring, resulting in an enhanced and beautified face shape. By using the placement of light and shadow your colourist can alter the appearance of your face shape by accentuating your best features, whilst also flattering your natural skin and eye tone. Perfectly framing your face with strategically placed colour to bring out your true beauty.

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In the image below you can see how every face shape, represented by the black outer line, contains within the ideal oval shape. The shaded areas are those areas of the face that Hair Contouring can be used to enhance or define in order to frame the face in order to reveal a well balanced and symmetrical face shape, enhancing your features and defining your beauty.

You have a round face if...

The length and width of your face is equal. Characteristics include a shorter forehead and chin and a rounded jawline.

You have a square face if...

The length, width and jawline are equal in length. Characteristics include wider facial features, sharper jawline and shorter forehead.

You have a rectangular face if...

This face shape has similar characteristic to the oblong face being longer than it is wide but with a more defined angular jawline and a broader forehead.

You have an oblong shape face if...

The length of your face is approx. more than 1 ½ times longer than wide, with a broad forehead, cheekbones and jaw line. 

The shape will roughly resemble a rectangle with softer corners.

You have a diamond shape face if...

Your cheekbones are the wider than your forehead and jawline. You have a triangular/ heart shape face if... You have a wider forehead and a narrower pointed chin, similar to an inverted triangle.


Hair Contouring is an art and a service that can only be performed by a professional colourist. Firstly, the colourist will identify your face shape and those areas of your face which, if targeted with professional colour, will help frame your face so as to enhance and define to  reveal your ideal facial shape and enhance your beauty. Next they will consult with you upon your what you're looking for and will offer their professional opinion on choice of colour - for a more natural look, you should stay within 2 shades of your natural colour as well as match the shade with your natural skin tone. From here the colourist will segment your hair into those pre-specified quadrants and utilise freehand, for a more subtle finish, or highlight separately, for a more defined result, to frame your face in a way that will magnify your beauty. All L'Oréal Professionnel accredited Hair Contouring Salons have passed education modules designed by our international educators and colorists,

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