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Hair Contouring: The Next Big Thing

Everybody is talking about contouring. The stars' secret is out! We all know about contouring using make-up, but how do we get the hottest new look?

Contouring – the look of now

Have you ever wondered how it is the stars always seem to look amazing? Even in those supposedly candid makeup-free shots? Their secret is the hottest thing in hair right now: Hair contouring. Now within everyone's reach, hair contouring ensures you can look like a star no matter what you're doing!

Deciding which hair trend to follow can be a difficult task. Ombre and balayage, two-tone and bronde ... that's why hair contouring is the word on everyone's lips – it takes the best of all the available choices and makes them work for your individual skin and eye tone and face shape, accentuating the positive and creating beautiful contrasts through light and shade.

Sculpting with light

Artists have long known that the secret to beauty is in modulating light and dark – they call it chiaroscuro. This Italian word means contrasting shades to create bold effects, ones that give depth to the whole work. Like the greatest painters of yesteryear, today we are all adept at using light to sculpt our faces.

We apply a little bit of colour here, something slightly darker there, following the lines of our face to bring out its natural beauty. And now we can find the same results with our hair! This hair colour innovation creates an individual look that will let you wake up contoured and ready to go.

Contouring for everyone

Because every hair contouring service is custom-designed, it is a look that not only works for everyone, but is a look that is completely unique. The colours and shades are selected in concert with your skin tones, and their placement is decided in consideration of your facial structure and features. Through a mix of carefully placed free-hand application and highlighting, shadow and light are targeted to create depth and allure.

Tone depth

Hair contouring requires such artistry, it's as if you become the masterpiece. Long face? Your L'Oréal Professionnel colourist will create shadows with dark tones, reducing the length of your face and making it appear narrower. Lengthen the look of your face? Lighter tones, which reflect the light, will enhance your face, making it seem longer. Balance is the word, the aim being to create the illusion of a more oval, more symmetrical shape.

Just for you

Now that the secret of hair contouring is well and truly out, the only thing to do is talk to your L'Oréal Professionnel stylist. The hours spent in front of the mirror playing with make-up palettes can be transformed into time spent on things you'd rather be doing. Hair contouring means you wake up with your best features already accentuated! Your hair stylist will work with you to create a 100% tailor-made hair contouring service for your hair.

The marvel of hair contouring is that the effect is subtle – as far as your hair looks! But the overall effect is absolutely sensational. Like everything truly elegant, hair contouring works because it seems so simple. But it takes an expert hand and eye to create a masterpiece. Experience the art of hair contouring today at your local L'Oréal Professionnel salon.

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Image credits: DMI

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