Hair lightening: our 6 tips on how to make hair lighter

How to lighten hair, 6 simple tips

Hair lightening allows for the light to bounce off the hair fibers and adds a subtle shine to your hair. Whether you’re already a blonde or a dark brunette, you can enjoy the benefits of lightening hair using highlights or all-over colour.

1. The best way for how to lighten hair: see a professional 

There’s no doubt that no-one but your professional colourist can achieve an even and gentle blonde hair colour, and with the help of new lightening technology, the process is safer than ever. When it comes to ways to lighten your hair, it’s not just a question of choosing a colour you like, your hair stylist will analyse your current hair tones, its condition and style in order to select the most subtle and flattering lightening hair colour.

2. Hair products that lighten hair

Don’t forget your haircare either. The best way to maintain and lighten hair colour includes the use of colour-protecting shampoos, such as L'Oréal Professionnel's Vitamino Color Shampoo, and colour-protecting conditioners such as L'Oréal Professionnel's Vitamino Color Conditioner. Warm tones can make the hair look darker, so for a cool blonde shade you can lighten blond hair even further with our Silver Shampoo formulated to neutralise brassy tones and enhances hair colour.

3. How to lighten hair that is damaged

How can you lighten hair colour if it’s damaged? Damaged hair is harder to colour effectively because of the uneven texture of the strands. Plus, the colour tends to fade more quickly due to the porosity of the fibers. The solution is to treat and repair your damaged hair before lightening it. Your hair stylist will be able to prescribe the best treatment to get your hair in prime condition so that you can lighten hair with confidence. Browse hair treatment products by L'Oréal Professionnel Australia including hair masks, leave-in oils and hair creams that treat damaged hair and restore its health.

4. Colour inspiration: hair lightening for blonde hair

Cool toned blondes are having a moment. Across the world, searches around how to lighten blonde hair with a silver shimmer effect remain high. The secret to lightening blonde hair is all about using the right toner to prevent any warm brassy tones from developing. Lighten blonde hair of any colour with our innovative Blond Studio lightening range. 

Can you lighten dyed hair? It depends on the colour base and quality of the hair, but in any case, you’ll need the expertise of a hair stylist to ensure the right shade and prevent damage. Learn which shade of blonde suits you best - gold blonde or wheat blonde.

5. Colour inspiration: hair lightening for dark hair

When it comes to how to lighten hair when starting on a dark base, you have a wide choice of hair colour to lighten dark hair. Even just a few subtle highlights in a colour only 2 shades lighter than your current tone will make a real difference. Your colourist will know how to lighten hair to exactly the level you want: from stand-out shimmer to subtle sunkisses.

6.  How to make hair lighter naturally? 

Wondering 'how to lighten hair naturally'?, there are several natural ingredients that are reputed for their dying capabilities. But because knowing precisely about dosage and quantities is essential, we recommend visiting a professional. The best way to lighten your hair using all-natural ingredients: just coconut oil, cassia, henna and indigo. Indigo contains pigments for dark bases, while henna releases warm copper dyes. But when it comes to how to lighten hair naturally, it’s all about cassia, which subtly lifts and brightens the tone.

Wondering how to lighten hair at home? Other natural hair lightening ingredients include the sun and lemon juice, but the time and effects can vary depending on your hair type and colour, which is why seeing a professional is the best way to lighten your hair.

Care after hair lightening 

To maintain and keep your hair healthy after hair lightening, consider adding a nourishing hair oil to your hair care routine. Our Metal Detox Hair Oil is specifically formulated for colour-treated hair and helps enhance shine and intensify your hair look. Whenever possible, avoid using heated styling and drying tools. When using heated tools, always apply a heat protectant like Anti-frizz Blow-drying Oil beforehand to fortify your hair. Remember that moisture is the key to vibrant colour and healthy hair, so give nourishment back to your hair and allow rest time from styling.

Image credit: Getty Images - hedgehog94

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