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Male hair colour: Platinum Blonde vs. Silver Hair

Super light hair colors are popular this season for both guys and girls. But which one will you choose - platinum blonde or silver?

Platinum blonde

The colour: Platinum blonde is a unique shade that's close to white in colour – but it also has a subtle golden aspect to it.

The style: There's something about this hue that gives it a grunge feel – and accordingly has made it a popular choice among the celeb set. The brilliance of the colour is it can be customised any way you'd like; for example, if your hair is naturally dark, you can grow out a moustache or beard to create an interesting contrast.

What the editors say: Platinum blonde is a slightly flashy shade that also has an understated cool factor. If there were ever a time to colour your hair platinum blonde, this is the moment!

Silver hair

The colour: Silver hair is more than just your average grey hair colour because it has a metallic edge that sets it apart.

The style: This hair colour is virtually an accessory onto itself because the hue is so striking and bold. It's also an extremely fresh colour that cries out to be paired with an overall youthful look. Be sure to speak to your hairstylist for advice on the latest hair styles to complement this "it" colour.

What the editors say: Silver hair has a futuristic feel that has proven popular with both models and celebrities. The best part is it's a really easy colour to achieve in-salon, so book in with your colourist, pronto!

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