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True or False? Hair Loss Truths & Myths

The Top 5 Hair Thinning & Loss Myths

Over-exposure to the sun causes hair loss - FALSE

Long-term exposure to the sun can damage your hair and scalp by leaving it dry and brittle. The sun contributes to breakage and split ends but it doesn’t disrupt or stop the hair growth cycle.
Sun damage can be reversed by using specific conditioners and masques.

Dandruff causes hair loss - FALSE

A dry scalp, resulting in dandruff and itching, does not have a direct relation with hair loss. Instead, it is constant heavy scratching that leads to roots weakening, then to hair fall. The friction damages the hair, not the flakes.

Changing shampoos regularly causes hair loss - FALSE

There is no scientific evidence that frequent change of shampoos causes hair loss unless when switching to an inadequate shampoo. In fact, the only thing that could damage your hair would be to use shampoo or hair products that contain aggressive ingredients.

Hair loss doesn't effect women - FALSE

Hair loss & thinning is a phenomenon that has several causes including aging, extreme stress, extreme starvation, hormonal variations, that can touch everybody: women, men and children of any ages. Men are not the only ones that lose their hair.

Hats can cause baldness - FALSE

Hair grows on the inside of the body and it needs several nutrients, minerals and vitamins to be healthy. The scalp needs good blood circulation to bring nutrients to the hair follicles. Hair follicles don’t need to breathe on the exterior, so wearing hats won’t cause any damage.

The Top 5 Hair Thinning & Loss Truths

Balding is linked to age - TRUE

When people get older, their hair growth cycle decreases. It results in less hair or a loss of hair growth. Therefore, hair loss is more common as one ages. However, there are others reasons, such as alopecia areata that can affect children and adults from all ages.

Hormonal changes affect hair loss - TRUE

Hormonal changes are the main cause of hair loss in women. It happens at specific times of their lives, such as after pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycle, thyroids disorders. Moreover, women with abnormal rates of testosterone are more likely to experiment baldness.

Medication can cause hair loss - TRUE

Some pills are strong and can provoke hair loss. Most of the time, it stops once you have finished your medication.

Poor nutrition can cause hair loss - TRUE

Nutrients, minerals and proteins are essential for the development of strong hair. Hair thinning can be the consequence of poor nutrition that may affect both hair structure and hair growth.

Diets can cause hair loss - TRUE

It may cause hair loss if it is a long-term diet which leads to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. A well-balanced diet improves your overall hair health.

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