Do's & Don'ts of Hair Loss

Our top tips for fighting the symptoms

Choice of hair care products
- DO use a mild clarifying and densifying shampoo that coats the hair for fuller appearance.

- DO adopt a well balanced diet. Try a diet that's rich in vitamins and nutrients to help with a healthy body and scalp.
- DO excercise regularly.
- DO try to reduce your stress levels. Try to stay relaxed, consider different forms of exercise eg. Walking, yoga and pilates.

Hair drying:
- DO dry your hair gently. High temperatures can damage the scalp and the fiber by drying it out and removing the natural oils from its strands.
- DOtry letting your hair dry naturally. It'll help avoid split-ends and damage caused by heat. However, it is not recommended to spend too much time with your hair wrapped in a towel.
- DO blow-dry your hair upside down if you're going to use a hairdryer. Blow-drying your hair against the grain creates volume as your hair will be lifted from the roots.

- DO massage your scalp to stimulate micro-circulation and encourage optimal scalp functioning.
- DO exfoliate your scalp. You can use a hair scrub to remove the dead skin cells from your scalp and dirt from the hair. It will keep your scalp and hair clear and healthy looking.

Seek professional help:
- DO speak to a professional who can assist with the correct diagnosis and prescribe and offer a solution for any of your concerns.

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