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Everything You Need To Know About Birkin Bangs

Forget Birkin bags - this season we want Birkin Bangs!

Jane Birkin was the ultimate '60s icon and to this day she continues to be a style influencer. The Parisienne model, muse and singer was the face - and hairdo - of a generation. Here's why we're still in love with her signature fringe - and why you'll love it too.

La Brit attitude

We all know French women have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' when it comes to effortless style and Jane Birkin is the embodiment of this French flair – particularly in the hairstyle department. A pioneer of the easy chic movement, her effortless fringe set the bar for generations to come. The hallmarks of her fringe? Long but not too lengthy, piecey but not overworked and highlighted while still natural. However, did you know that Jane Birkin is actually an adopted Parisian, originally hailing from the United Kingdom? Looks like it was an English rose that's responsible for the ultimate French style!

Fringe benefits

Whether you're a fan of the fringe or not, there's no denying that fringes are here to stay. The main gripe people often have with fringes is that they require some ongoing maintenance. (And they can be a pain to grow out!) However, if you do commit to a fringe, the best way to ensure it continually looks fabulous is to be vigilant about keeping your hair healthy, booking in for regular trims and embracing fringe shaping products. For instance, a quick spritz of L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium will tame any rebel flyaways and give your fringe a natural looking hold.

Not sure about whether a Jane Birkin-inspired fringe is the right look for you? Check in with your L'Oréal Professionnel stylist for advice about what style will best suit your face shape.

What Birkin did next

Jane Birkin's two daughters are modern day French style icons – and they both rock their own trademark fringe! Jane's actress and singer daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg is renowned for her classic long bob and bangs. Jane's other daughter Lou Doillon, is a French fashion icon and designer who also rocks a laid-back fringe. It seems that Birkin bangs are as timeless as the Birkin bag!

Image credits: Getty Images, Getty Images Entertainment - Mireya ACIERTO

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