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Faux curtain fringes are back!

Keen to cash in on the curtain bangs trend without the commitment? We tell you how to fire up your faux fringe game below.

Curtain bangs are named as such because they are created with a fringe that is parted in the middle, with the two sections draped inwards like curtains, creating a C (and reverse C) shape with each side.

This hair trend was spotted all over the runways this year, most notably during Coach's New York Autumn Winter 18/19 show, as pictured above.

So let's talk about how you can draw inspiration from the runway and create your own curtain bangs without chopping your hair.

Get the look: Start with clean towel dried hair, and apply a little product into the roots and lengths. We love Sleek & Swing gel from L'oréal Professionnel for a soft touch finish with a long-lasting hold.

Sweep the front section of your hair forward (the bits that would normally make up a fringe), and part it right in the middle. Gently blow dry this parting into place from the top of the hair (not underneath at the roots), creating a gentle C curve that comes in towards your forehead on each side. Twist and tuck the lengths of hair either side of your faux fringe behind each ear, and lightly pull the sides out a little bit so the fringe stays loose rather than slicked to your head

Clamp the fringe at the C curve on either side with a hair clip, securing the hair at the temples while you dry the rest of your hair. You can secure your hair lightly with a bobby pin behind each ear if need be, but the strength of the product and blow wave should be enough to hold the hair in place. Remove the clamps on your fringe and set in place with a spritz of Infinium lacquer.

Enjoy the sophistication of this face slimming fringe without a trip to the hair salon!

Image credits: Pixelformula, coach_bwam1819_

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