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Hollywood Waves: Vintage Glamour With A Modern Spin

Hollywood waves are directly inspired by the golden age of the famous movie studios. Today's stars arrive on the red carpet glamour inspired by the icons of yesteryear.

Neither wavy nor curly, Hollywood waves have top billing

Hollywood waves, popularized during the fifties, refuse to be classified; halfway between curls and waves, they have their own, unique undulation. Far from the crimping that took such a hold of the nineties, Hollywood's most famous muses have all worn these waves, and they continue to inspire today's stars for their own close ups.

Vintage hairstyle, vintage face

Delphine Courteille, hairstylist for L'Oréal Professionnel, has a surprising theory when it comes to Hollywood waves on long hair: 'The face shapes that look best with this vintage style are typically feminine shapes from the 1920s and '30s: triangular and rounded faces, with large eyes and medium to fine hair.' As for colour, from the moment we flip over that side part, absolutely anything goes.

A very specific technique

To achieve the perfect Hollywood waves, a professional is needed. Creating beautiful curls is one thing, but assembling them into large, balanced round waves is another. Only perfect mastery over hair curlers can achieve this ultra-feminine effect. The final touch: crimson red lips to perfect your femme fatale look.

Image credits: Pixelformula

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