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Naturally wavy hair: rock it long and loose!

2018 is all about embracing your naturally wavy hair. Whether you've got a side part or a central parting, gone for straight or a layered cut, there's no need to style and fight it – let it all hang loose!

Let loose

There's a lot to be said for keeping your hair 'au naturel' – for a start, it will save you a few precious minutes in the morning. No more styling stress, and no more deciding which accessories to pick out, to match your look. See, we're making it really easy.

And, because it's really about loving what you've got, you can rock it with a slight wave, a funky curl, or an almost frizzle – anything that means leaving the straighteners in the drawer!

Your look

The great thing about long loose wavy hair is that it suits all styles. Thinking Boho babe? It's a match – those long, free flowing, mellow locks ooze hippy style. Like to rock? Check. Go for an ACDC inspired long, wild look. Need to look contemporary and modern? This style works too – the underdone, natural vibe does wonders for a modern style. It all depends on your wardrobe, but it just goes to show how versatile long, wavy hair can be.

What the editors say: What's not to love about long, loose, naturally wavy hair? It reeks of freedom and therefore is utterly sexy. Easy to manage, simply style with a little L'Oréal Professionnel Volume Lift Tecni ART mousse, its precise applicator means volume just where you need it so it's super subtle and supple. Ideal to blow-dry or style with your fingertips!

Everyone can...

Haven't been blessed with natural waves? Never mind, just cheat. Check into your L'Oréal Professionnel salon and enquire about Beach Waves, the solution for straight locks to turn splendidly wavy.


Image credits: Getty Images, Getty Images Entertainment - Timur Emek/ Contributeur

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