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The Big Bang: Bold vs Bardot

Big bangs have been on their way back for a while now, but there's more than one way to wear them. Here we take a look at two ways to style the fantastic fringe trend.

Bold Bangs

There's no shying away when you go for bold blunt bangs – you need to be ready to rock this style loud and proud! Whether you decide to go for the shorter blunt baby bangs or the slightly lighter French Girl fringes, when it comes to bold bangs – face shape and hair texture are very important factors to consider! Blunt bangs work with naturally straight, medium density hair, and often suit those with oval or narrower faces. Blunt bangs also take some personal style time, so if you're willing to put in the work, use a volumizing product like L'Oréal Professionnel Volume Architect Hairspray while your hair is still damp, then blow dry with a paddle brush to create full bodied (but not over the top!) bangs.

What the editors say: Even with a bold fringe, try keeping keep the corners of your bangs a touch longer, as this will frame your face better than simply straight edge.

Bardot Bangs

The retro-inspired Bardot or curtain bangs are for those that want to ease into the fringe look without committing to the stark bold look of bold bangs. They are defined by a solid centre part with longer, softer feathered fringing around the sides, and a slightly shorter fringe in the middle. These iconic bangs are completely timeless, and can be worn forward over your eyes for a more sultry style, or swept back for an elegant look.

What the editors say: Bardot bangs work on any face shape. For longer face shapes we suggest a wider bang that goes closer to your temple, and for round or square faces a more narrow fringe will work.

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