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The chin length, medium bob haircut is this season's classic

Long wavy hair is so 2016. As we approach 2020, our hairstyles are stepping up, smoothing out and getting straight to the point with a no-nonsense sleek bob that really means business...The modern mantra: Bob like a boss. You're either in or you're out, so will you make the cut?

High shine heroism

You can't go wrong with a straight talking centre part on a mid-length bob that ends just above the shoulders. Use a shine-enhancing serum like Liss Control from Tecni.ART when hair is half dry to give yourself reflective super powers.

Meet Matte

A dry shampoo not only lets you go another day without washing, but also gives you the urban, matte texture that's everywhere on the catwalk and red carpet at the moment. We recommend the Super Dust styling powder by Tecni.ART. Dust over hair, rub in with fingers, wait then brush through.

It's all in the curve

Because a chin-length medium bob can sometimes look a little severe, especially on those with pronounced cheek and jaw bones, a cute subtle curve can be all you need to soften the look. Use a barrel brush to curl the ends when hair is 90% dry – not before or the curl will be too pronounced.

Choppy on the chin

A round or heart-shaped face might make people think you're a sweet, innocent little thing. How wrong they are. Give a hint to your wilder side by adding some choppy lengths to your chin-length bob, and sweep hair into a just-off-center part to keep everyone guessing.

To put it bluntly... Blond!

If a statement hairstyle is what you're after, you can't get much better than an ultra-blunt bob in an eye-catching shade of platinum blond. Prevent any brassy tones from showing up to the party by using a color correcting silver shampoo that will neutralize any hint of unwanted orange.

The bob: a multi-faceted modern classic!

Image credits: Getty Images, Getty Images Entertainment - Edward Berthelot

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