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The Messy Pixie: A Boyish Cut for Today's Modern Girl

Yes, it's classically a boy's haircut. And yes, like most little boys it's not at all that well behaved! It prefers things messy and fun. This light rock 'n' roll pixie is a breath of fresh air for short hair. Hair stylists often tousle up the longer sections, as if a summer breeze just wafted through.

The messy pixie: windswept wonder woman

Styling your short cut into a messy pixie avoids your look seeming too severe or too masculine. Spontaneous yet elegant, this 'just-out-of-bed' style discreetly emphasises your forehead, neck and ears. It's no surprise that women everywhere want this windswept look in their lives!

Angels are not to be trusted...

It may seem sensible and angelic at first, but the androgynous pixie cut has its own unique personality. Mischievous and playful, this look also has a unique beauty to it. Oval, square and round faces, and thin to medium hair, will wear this style with ease, finding their inner edge in the salon!

Short manes still need softness

Whatever your hair's colour, the delicate locks that sweep along the contours of your face need expert reinforcement. The key tips for healthy, happy hair? Avoid the comb, don't turn the blow-dryer up too high, and use a light hand with texturising product (such as Density Material).

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