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Trend Alert: Crazy 80s Curls

Grab your rollers and keep that hairspray on standby – eighties inspired colossal curls are officially making a comeback! Here's how to unleash the curls...

Will crazy curls suit you?

Not all trends are for everyone – so before you fire up the curling wand, you need to check whether this crazy curl look is suitable for you. Being able to pull off a high curl look in a flattering way really comes down to the current length of your hair as well as your individual face shape. (As opposed to the ability to create the curls themselves!) For instance, curls on mid-length locks will greatly reduce the length of the hair, which can be problematic for some face shapes. On the other hand, curls – even if they are very short – can have a softening effect around the jawline, which looks particularly lovely set against a more square face-shape. If in doubt, ask a professional stylist for advice on what length hairstyles are the most flattering for your face shape.

How do you create 80s curls?

Onto the fun stuff! If you've decided that you're ready to embrace the curls then you need to decide how you want to achieve them. If you don't naturally have curly locks, then an easy and long-lasting way to achieve these curls is to book in for an appointment with your hair stylist. They will use an in-salon treatment like the L'Oréal Professionnel Dulcia Advanced Tonique Lotion to create classic tight curls with a beautifully natural bounce.

If you prefer a DIY curling option, styling tools like a curling wand or rollers will be able to recreate the look. To get the most out of your curls, be sure to first prep the hair styling hair with a curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Ultimately, this will assist with maintaining the longevity of the curls.

Finally, if your hair is naturally curly then all you need to do is use some styling products to encourage the curls to form. Try a curl enhancing styling product on towel dried hair like L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Pli Hairspray. Once the hair is dried, follow it up with L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Dual Stylers Bouncy & Tender Gel.

How do you style voluminous curls?

When it comes to crazy 80s-inspired curls, don't be afraid to turn up have some fun! This look is meant to have a whimsical quality about it, so don't get caught up with making the curls or the overall look too perfect. We're loving the look of curls that are piecey and textured, so that they softly frame the face. For something different, try rocking this look with a fringe – It will bring the perm-look in line with one of this season's hottest trends.

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