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Trend alert: your Mum's 80s perm is back in fashion

Perms glorious perms! The hairstyle once reserved for an era where leg warmers and scrunchies were commonplace is making a comeback, and we're ready to rock it.

If you're imagining tight ringlet curls similar to a poodle when you think of a perm, then think again. The new-wave perm in 2018 is (thankfully) a lot more natural, with looser 'believable' curls and more of a relaxed texture. This also means that as your perm grows out you'll get a more natural look rather than dodgy regrowth in a completely different texture.

With improved curling technology nowadays you can also select your preferred style from the curl spectrum, from more structured defined curls through to beachy relaxed waves. Celebrities across the globe have also been spotted rocking this versatile style, cementing it as the latest hair trend to try.

If you are going to be rocking a new perm, make sure you move towards using styling products that are actually suited for curly hair to help maintain your new style. L'Oréal Professionnel's Bouncy and Tender gel is a great product for bringing out the texture in curly hair, providing hours of defined, bouncy curls with a soft touch and none of that 'crunchy' feeling.

If you decide to try 2018's incarnation of the modern perm, just remember, your mum did it first! Talk to your local hair professional to work out which style of perm will suit you and your hair.

Image credits: Pixelformula, fendi_bwaw1819

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