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Which hairstyles work best for crochet braids?

We are loving crochet braids right now! Today we look at the hairstyles, hair types and colours that will help to fully showcase your gorgeous crochet braided hair.

What are crochet braids?

After finding their roots in the '90s, crochet braids are now back on hair trend radar! The word "crochet" refers to the way in which hair extensions are sewn into cornrows using a latch hook tool, looping the synthetic hair onto your own. Crochet braids are popular because they are much quicker to apply than other techniques like sew-in weaves. They also reduce scalp tension, and the result can look incredibly natural if implemented by your stylist correctly. For the most natural-looking results, ensure your cornrows are as flat to the scalp as possible, and aren't too wide.

What hair types are best for crochet braids?

Because these braids involve braiding hair onto cornrows, it doesn't really matter what kind of natural hair type you have. Obviously, the stronger your natural hair, the easier it will be to crochet braid, the less damage will be caused, and the longer the braids will last.

Over-styling is the main culprit when it comes to natural hair breakage, so make sure you regularly apply a strengthening masque like the Inforcer from Serie Expert . The brush proof strengthening spray from the same collection is also ideal for repairing weakened, tangled hair.

When it comes to what hairstyle you opt for, the sky really is the limit. From spiral curls to deep twists, and even straight hair, the crochet braid technique allows you to really get creative with your hair.

4 ideas for styling crochet braids

Looking for the best haircut for crochet braids? Here are four options for styling your braided hair:

1. Loose box braided bun

Box braids are among the most popular of styles when it comes to crochet braiding, so why not give your look a little more spunk and funk by styling your braids into an ultra-high loose bun?

2. Yarn braided double buns

A yarn braid is, literally, a braid made out of yarn rather than real/synthetic hair. It's a personal choice, but fans of (synthetic, not natural) yarn believe it looks more natural, and is lighter on the head. Lighter braids mean that you can add more length and play with hairstyles like these huge double buns!

3. Faux locs & visible rows

Love the look of dreadlocks, but not into all the effort and haircare that growing them involves? Faux locs can be created with a crochet braiding technique, and are a protective style (just like box braids). You could also use this style to showcase your cornrows underneath and have them on full display by using fewer crochet braid extensions. Play around with a contrasting colour on your locs for some added wow factor!

4. Braided box braids

If you can't get enough of braids...why not braid your braids! After using the crochet technique to get regular box braids (three-stranded), you can then plait all the hair to create one or two large braids.

5. Colourful crochet braids

When using a braiding technique like crochet to add extensions to your hair, why not get creative with colour? These days, hair extensions are available in a myriad of shades, from natural hues to bright neons. There's no excuse not to try the hair colour you've been dreaming about...

Hair care tips for crochet-braided hair

The best way to care for your synthetic hair extensions is to use either a cleanser formulated specifically for synthetic hair, or a mild, sulfate-free one, such as the Cleansing Conditioners from Serie Expert. After washing your locks and gently towel drying, apply a nourishing spray or serum down the lengths to restore any lost moisture and boost shine. We recommend the Mythic Oil Radiance oil , enriched with argan and cranberry oils that infuse hydration and smooth flyaways.

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