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Metal Detox Treatment Protocol

Professional hair care system to detoxify metal build up in hair, for coloured and lightened hair. 



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L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox - Hair Care Grounded in Science

Inaccurate colour results following a colouring or lightening service, fast colour fading and dulling or altered tone with subsequent washes can all be frustrating experiences for both clients and professional hair colourists. Research has shown that metal build up in hair follicles pre and post colouring services can contribute to these unwanted changes. 

The degree to which this occurs is very dependent on geographical location, from country of residence to regional differences. High concentrations of metal in hair1 can be found in 90% of the population of certain European countries. 

In response, L'Oréal Professionnel has developed the Metal Detox hair treatment protocol as part of the Serie Expert range of tailored solutions, designed to meet specific hair concerns. The innovative Metal Detox for hair leverages the properties of Glicoamine, a patented molecule with the ability to bind and remove these heavy metals in hair such as copper. Discover more details and feedback from our salon experts with infographics on the Metal Detox educational page. 

The Professional Multi-step Metal Detox Hair Protocol

Metal Detox consists of a 3 step in-salon protocol used by your professional colourist during a lightening or colouring service, followed by a 2 step at-home protocol to be used under guidance from your salon stylist. Collectively, these include the Metal Detox Pre Treatment Spray, Metal Detox Shampoo, Metal Detox Conditioner and Metal Detox Mask. To discover whether you could benefit from removing and prevent metal build up in hair, ask your hair care professional at a salon near you about Metal Detox.1

1Metals concentration in hair: high > 30ppm 

Metal Detox FAQ

What is L’Oréal Professionnel's Metal Detox?

The Metal Detox hair system is a professional hair care protocol that neutralises metal deposits found in the hair fibre. This is done through key ingredient Glicoamine, which is small enough to penetrate the hair follicle. With Metal Detox, your colourist will achieve better colour results at the salon during colouring, balayage and lightening while also lessening the risk of hair breakage.

Does L’Oréal Professionnel's Metal Detox Work?

Backed by 7 years of research and hairdressers around the world, patented technology using Glicoamine has seen some outstanding outcomes, including: 87% less breakage risk1 and 100% reliable colour results2

1Instrumental test Metal Detox pre-treatment + technical procedure + shampoo + mask. 2no impact on lift and optimized colour uptake.

How Do You Use Metal Detox?

During a colouring or lightening service, your professional hair colourist will implement the 3 step in-salon protocol which includes the Detox Pre Treatment Spray, Metal Detox Shampoo, and Metal Detox Conditioner. Depending on your hair type or needs, the Metal Detox Mask may also be used. 

To continue detoxifying metals in hair at home, use Metal Detox Shampoos creamy formula to cleanse the hair fibres of metals, and the Metal Detox Mask to prevent metals returning to the hair. 

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