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Anti Deposit Protector Care Conditioner for Coloured Hair


• Over-processed
• Colour treated


• Maintains colour vibrancy with intense shine. 
• Hair is instantly strengthened and less porous.
• Healthy-looking, shiny hair.



This detoxifying conditioner is powered by patented Aminosilane and Ionene technology to prevent ongoing accumulation of metal particles inside hair fibres.

Metals inside the fiber create both a risk of breakage and negatively impacts colour results during colouring, balayage and lightening services. The level of metal in hair varies depending on hair porosity and on the water quality where you live. L’Oréal Professionnel has developed an innovative to this problem with the Metal Detox Hair Protocol, a member of the Serie Expert collection of targeted hair care products developed to meet specific hair concerns.


Metal Detox Anti Deposit Protector Care protects hair from particle deposits after any colour, balayage or lightening service. It maintains colour vibrancy with intense shine. Hair is instantly strengthened and less porous.


Enriched with Aminosilane 2%, this patented technology is quickly absorbed by the fibre to fortify it*.


UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: The Metal Detox Conditioner features a light textured, clear gel that gently foams after emulsion. Easy to rinse.


ADDICTIVE FRAGRANCE: Enjoy the memorable aroma of citrus notes with distinctive musky woods for a unique signature scent.


For optimal results, use this conditioner for coloured hair immediately after Metal Detox Shampoo.


*Instrumental test, after application of Pre treatment + technical procedure + Shampoo + Mask.

**Optimised colour uptake with no impact on lift.


Metal Detox Conditioner FAQs

How often can I use the Metal Detox Conditioner?


L’Oreal Professionnel Metal Detox Conditioner is designed for use after the Metal Detox Shampoo as part of the at-home portion of the Metal Detox protocol. Use as often as you are shampooing to restore moisture and provide ongoing protection against accumulation of metal particles found in water.


How do I use the Metal Detox Conditoner?

The Metal Detox Anti Deposit Protector Care is the 3rd step in the Metal Detox Protocol. After cleansing with the Metal Detox Shampoo, towel dry or gently squeeze out as much water as possible from the hair, then apply the detoxifying conditioner onto hair, concentrating on mid lengths and ends. Use of a comb may help to distribute the product more evenly. Knead product into hair for 1 minute until a light lather appears, then rinse thoroughly.

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Metal Detox Conditioner

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