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Vitamino Color: Hair Care for Colour Treated Hair

Colour-treated hair care range expertly crafted to protect your hair colour and boost the intensity and shine levels. Browse Vitamino Color, our products of hair treatment for coloured hair from shampoo and conditioner to sprays and masks. Enhance colour vibrancy today. 

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Learn More About Vitamino Color and Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair 

What do Vitamino Color hair care products do to your hair?

The Vitamino Color hair care products for coloured hair are crafted to safeguard and extend the vibrancy of newly coloured hair, effectively prolonging the time between salon touch-ups. The Vitamino Colour Safe Shampoo and Colour Radiance Conditioner are infused with enriching ingredients designed to rejuvenate and repair your hair post-colouring. These products for colour-treated hair preserve your hair's natural oils and nourish your coloured hair. To maintain healthy hair, read our tips on how to prevent hair damage.

What are the ingredients in Vitamino Color? 

The Vitamino Color formula is enhanced with key ingredients Resveratrol and Panthenol. Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant, provides protection against UV rays, a leading cause of colour fading. It does not only shield against UV damage but also enhances the radiance of coloured hair and imparts a lustrous shine. Panthenol aids in maintaining hair moisture and fortifying follicles to prevent damage and dryness, particularly after a colouring treatment. Learn how to treat dry hair.

What colour-treated hair care products should you use to keep your hair healthy?

To ensure the health of your coloured hair, opt for moisturising hair care products such as conditioner, hair mask, hair oil, hair serum and heat protectant. By using a hair mask like the Vitamino Color mask twice a week, you infuse your hair with a potent dose of revitalising nourishment, aiding in damage repair and enhancing shine. Explore our selection of products to moisturise hair. Additionally, when using heat styling tools on your coloured hair, we recommend the use of heat protectants to prevent excessive drying and protect your delicate strands from damage. Check out the Absolut Repair Oil with heat protection.

What hair colour treatment products should you use to refresh faded hair colour?

To refresh faded hair colour, use our semi-permanent hair colour products that provide an immediate colour boost to your hair from the Dia Light and Dia Richesse collections.  Additionally, a conditioning mask like the Vitamino Color Mask provides intense nourishment to your colour-treated hair, allowing it to last longer. 

What should you do to ensure the longevity of your colour-treated hair? 

To ensure the longevity of your colour-treated hair, follow our tips below:

- Following the colouring process, we suggest waiting for three to four days before using hair care products for coloured hair. This allows the dye to set beautifully.
- Try to reduce the frequency of hair washing to only one to two times a week according to your hair type, as the combination of hair products and water can lead to quicker fading of the dye. 
- In the initial post-colouring weeks, shield your locks from excess heat, whether it's the sun's rays, styling tools, or hot water, as they can compromise your colour’s radiance and even your hair's health.

Read our expert tips on how to keep your hair colour looking fresh. 

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