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[Damage Free Hair Colour] Advanced Colouring Technology for Better Hair Health

A new hair colour is a tried-and-true way to find a renewed sense of confidence. If you find yourself hesitating to colour your hair for fear of damaging effects, this guide is for you. Traditional hair colour systems can leave hair feeling dry or coarse, but modern technology advanced by L’Oréal Professionnel makes it easy to colour hair without damage. Innovation through tech and science has allowed us to create sustainable hair colour formulas designed to maintain hair health and impart rich, lasting pigment. Ahead, discover hair colour that doesn’t damage hair.



How is non-damaging hair colour possible?

Damage free hair colour is made possible through finding alternatives to ammonia, which is used in traditional hair colour formulas to lift natural pigment. Early iterations of ammonia-free hair colour had varied results as pigment struggled to fully permeate the hair fibre. At L’Oréal Professionnel, we created iNOA ammonia-free hair colour without damage and have been at the forefront of damage free hair colour technology for over a decade. The formula works by depositing pigment to the heart of the hair strand through oils which react with natural moisture in the hair fibre.



Why is colouring hair traditionally associated with hair damage?

Traditional hair colour methods are associated with damage because to take hair from one colour to another, dyes create a chemical reaction that lifts the protective proteins of hair’s outer layer. This allows dye to penetrate the hair fibre with new pigment to achieve an all over, uniform hair colour. Colour damaged hair is often the result of processing hair too frequently, leaving formulas on for too long, overlapping hair dye on already-coloured hair, or neglecting proper care steps. Hair colour without damage is possible if proper steps are adopted to replenish moisture after your colour service.



Learn more about our non-damaging hair colour ranges

Making big changes to your mane and maintaining hair health don’t have to be mutually exclusive – discover damage free hair colour collections by L’Oréal Professionnel.




Want game-changing colour with minimal commitment? Dia semi-permanent hair colour by L’Oréal Professionnel could be the perfect fit. With a gentle, ammonia free formula, the Dia collection provides flawless, durable hair colour without damage and up to 6 weeks coverage.

Dia Light delivers luminous, glossy colour in 53 shades to brighten all hair colours and perfectly tone.

Dia Richesse is designed to create deep, rich tones in 69 shades with a reflective finish and exceptional softness.




Available in 134 shades, iNOA by L’Oréal Professionnel is a revolutionary hair colour system that provides enduring, non-damaging hair colour that can lighten up to 3 shades. Ammonia-free and odourless, the collection imparts rich, glossy pigment and tone that feels gentle on the scalp. The iNOA Supreme collection has been optimised for grey hair coverage. For an iNOA consultation, find your nearest L’Oréal Professionnel stylist.




Coloured hair companion: Metal Detox

Metal particles found in water can be deposited into the hair fibre when rinsing product, leading to faded, altered, or dulled pigment post colour or lightening service. To address this concern and support lasting colour, the Metal Detox collection neutralises metal deposits in the hair fibre through a 5-step system implemented in salon and continued at home between appointments.

1. Metal Detox Pre Treatment Spray
2. Metal Detox Shampoo
3. Metal Detox Conditioner
4. Metal Detox Hair Oil For Coloured Hair
5. Metal Detox Hair Mask




Damage free hair colour FAQs

Ahead, discover answers to common damage free hair colour questions. 



Can colour damaged hair be treated?

Locks affected by colour damage can be supported with the right hair care routine. Conditioning formulas designed to deliver a dose of hydration and moisture are important steps to replenish hair hydration after colour damage. Look for anti-breakage hair care formulas enriched with ingredients that aim to strengthen and repair the hair fibre. Then, when you’re ready to switch up your hue, choose non-damaging hair colour systems from L’Oréal Professionnel.



What’s the best way to take care of coloured hair?

When it comes to caring for damaged hair, implementing a nourishing hair care routine that focusses on pigment protection and moisture is key. The Vitamino Colour collection is expertly designed to prevent colour from fading and protect the hair fibre against damage. Beyond colour protection, adopt formulas to boost hair nutrition, and touch up roots with non-damaging hair colour every 6-8 weeks.



Will damage free hair colour still cover greys?

Learning to love your grey hair is easier for some than others, so if you’re not quite ready to embrace the silver look, look no further than iNOA Supreme. Specifically formulated to colour grey hair without damage, the collection is L’Oréal Professionel’s first ammonia-free anti-aging hair colour system. Pioneering colour science means these 25 shades can provide up to 100% coverage of white and grey hair.



Can I colour or lighten my hair if it’s already damaged?

If you want to keep your hair colour looking fresh, it’s best to touch up growth at the roots every 6-8 weeks without overlapping formula onto already-coloured hair. Lightening or colouring damaged hair can create further issues like breakage, frizzy texture and brassiness. Instead, it’s best to support your locks with repairing hair care products and once strands are strengthened, choose hair colour that doesn’t damage hair. 



How long does damage free hair colour last?

Like any colour formula, how long damage free hair colour lasts depends on both the formula and your hair. Semi-permanent hair colour formulas like the Dia collection deliver durable colour for up to 6 weeks, while permanent hair colour systems like iNOA provide lasting vibrancy. As hair grows it’s recommended touch up pigment at the root to achieve an even hue.



Is damage free hair colour ‘weaker’ than regular hair colour?

When non-damaging hair colour systems were first developed, colourists noticed hues were less vibrant and not as durable as traditional formulas. As time has gone on, L’Oréal Professionnel have pioneered innovative damage free hair colour processes to achieve lasting, rich pigment. Our modern, trailblazing formulas create results to rival traditional colour systems so you can colour hair without damage and achieve flawless results.



Does damage free hair colour limit my shade options?

Damage free hair colour does not have to limit your shade options. Whether you want to lighten your hair, add dimension with balayage haircolouring or play with darker hues, it’s possible to colour hair without damage. Professional hair colourists understand the science behind transitioning hair from one colour to another, so book an appointment for your first colour service. Lightening dark hair colours without damage may take a few sessions.



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