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Professional Permanent Hair Colour Products

Find the shade that best suits you from our professional range of permanent hair colours by L’Oréal Professionnel

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Professional Permanent Hair Colour Products


L’Oréal Professionnel gives you permanent colour ranges with hundreds of shade options, backed by decades of research to deliver luminous colour results.


Our new and improved ammonia-free iNOA range allows salon professionals to offer a no-damage permanent hair colour option with long-lasting intensity. With over 100 shades, healthy hair and vibrant permanent colour are just a salon chair away. The Majirel professional permanent hair colour line also offers a wide range of unique shades including brilliant metallics with Majirel Metallic and intense reds with Majirouge.


Perfect Partners for Permanent Hair Colours


After putting in the hard work to find the exact shade that's unique to you, maintenance with colour protecting hair care products is key. To ensure that your chosen colour stays rich and vibrant, be sure to incorporate the complete Metal Detox system. This innovative system prevents accumulation of metal particles in the hair fibre that can cause colour change, allowing your new permanent colour to shine.


Looking for a shorter-term commitment? Explore the rest of our professional hair colour ranges for semi-permanent colour and hair make-up options.


Find a L’Oréal Professionnel stylist near you to discuss your next permanent colour shade.


Permanent Hair Colour FAQs


What is permanent hair colour?


Permanent hair colours contain pigment that is deposited into the hair cuticle through a chemical process. Traditional permanent hair colours include ammonia which can not only damage susceptible hair but also carry a strong smell that stings sensitive eyes and noses. With our innovative iNOA range, L’Oréal Professionnel is proud to offer an ammonia-free permanent colour option for healthier, happier hair.


How long does permanent hair colour last?


Permanent hair colour is, as the name suggests, permanent. Although it can appear to fade, this is usually due to factors such as UV, metal particles or other chemicals in water, etc. all of which can affect the colour of virgin hair too! You can help prevent permanent hair colour from fading by using colour treated hair care products or applying toner if applicable.


Does permanent hair colour damage hair?


Using permanent hair colour products doesn't have to go hand in hand with hair damage. Hair colour has gained a reputation over the years as causing dry, brittle hair due to a chemical process where the cuticle is opened to make it receptive to pigment. If hair required lifting prior to colour, this inevitably contributed to the damaging processes as well. Our iNOA permanent hair colour products use ammonia-free technology to deposit pigment right at the core of the follicle and leave you with nourished and vibrant coloured hair.

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