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Professional Semi Permanent Hair Colour

L'Oréal Professionnel's semi permanent colour allows experimentation with hair colours without the commitment, thanks to gradual fading that allows for easy blending.

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Brilliant Semi Permanent Hair Colour for Salon Professionals


L'Oréal Professionnel's semi permanent colour ranges include the Dia Richesse and Dia Light, with more than 100 shades to choose from to perfectly personalise hair colour. With exciting, fashion-forward shades such as the deliciously rich Blueberry Chestnut or a pastel Pearly Milkshake, the Dia ranges are the perfect way to experiment with these standout hues.


Versatility with Professional Semi Permanent Colour


In addition to being used as a primary way of changing hair colour, our semi permanent hair colours can be used to refresh permanent colour when matched with shades from the iNOA range, act as a toner to neutralise unwanted hues, or used as a gloss to impart an unbeatable iridescent shine.


Discuss how our professional semi permanent hair colour products could benefit you with a L'Oréal Professionnel salon stylist.


Semi Permanent Hair Colour FAQs


What is semi permanent hair colour?


Semi permanent hair colours are pigments that are generally deposited on the more superficial layers of the hair follicle. They are designed to wash out and last approximately 6 weeks.


Can I use semi permanent colour on grey hair?


You definitely can use semi permanent hair colours to cover greys. Our Dia Light range is suitable for up to 30% grey hair coverage, while Dia Richesse will cover those with up to 70% white hair.


Can you put a semi permanent colour on bleached hair?


Our professional semi permanent hair colour ranges can definitely be used over previously lightened hair. Reasons for doing this may differ, including toning a shade for neutralisation, or depositing a temporary colour over a previously lightened 'blank canvas'.


Does semi permanent colour damage hair?


Because our semi permanent hair colours are ammonia-free, you shouldn't expect damage to occur as a result of application. If you're concerned about weak or brittle hair, or have had previously lightening or colouring services, we strongly recommend consulting a professional hair colourist first to discuss your options.


Does semi permanent hair colour wash out?


Semi permanent hair colours are designed to wash out very gradually. Not only is this advantageous for those who aren't wanting to commit to a colour, but it can result in more natural blending with the underlying colour which is useful for covering greys.


How long does semi permanent hair colour last?


Our professional semi permanent hair colour products are designed to last up to 6 weeks.

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