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Professional Hairspray

Discover L'Oréal Professionnel's hair styling spray products to lock in your sleek bun, tame flyaways, or add volume and texture. Our hairsprays have been put through real-world testing to ensure you'll get a professional finish every time. 

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Hair Spray professional artists rely on L'Oréal Professionnel

Whether you're looking for a lightweight hairspray to bring out hair shine, or a hard working strong hold spray to fix that chique chignon in place, L'Oréal Professionnel has a range of innovative hairsprays to help you achieve your next look. Hairsprays can also be used in combination with other styling products like mousse and volumising powder for precise control over your hair art. 

If you're looking to make bouncy curls and waves last longer, Tecni.Art PLI Thermo-modelling Spray can be used before your favourite heat styling tool. For extreme 24 hour hold that the gustiest wind won't be able to ruffle, Tecni.Art 6-FIX spray for hair that has been styled will ensure your sleek ponytail or ballerina bun stays flawless all day. For hair needing texture and volume, Tecni.Art Beach Waves Salt Spray will reliably produce natural looking waves and mattified texture without the need to actually hit the beach and brush sand out of your hair. For creating even more intense volume and texture,  Tecni.Art Savage Panache Powder Spray is the hair spray professional artists turn to. 

Whether you're looking for an artist to help achieve beautifully styled hair for a special occasion or just want to know if a certain hairspray product would suit you, chat to a L'Oréal Professionnel stylist at a salon near you

Hairspray FAQs

What does hairspray do?

Hairsprays have a range of functions including securing hair in place, adding shine, volume or texture to hair, refreshing your hair to extend time between washes, and more.

Do you use hairspray before or after curling?

Hairsprays such as Tecni.Art PLI Thermo-modelling Spray and Tecni.Art Beach Waves Salt Spray are designed for use after towel-drying hair before using heat styling tools. 

How to use hairspray

Depending on the desired end-result, instructions for how to use a hair styling spray will vary from use on damp to dry hair, applying sparingly or liberally, holding the can a variable distance away from hair (depending on if you want overall hold or to only target certain areas), etc. Check your chosen L'Oréal Professionnel hairspray bottle for specific directions. 

I'm not convinced about why to use hairspray. What can it do for me?

Hairspray is how professional salon artists secure a hairstyle in place all day, produce effortless natural looking waves and texture, or how you can refresh flat and oily hair in the case of dry shampoo.

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